Review: The Supremacy of God in Preaching

The Supremacy of God in Preaching By John Piper

The infinite worth of the glory of God, and rejoicing in it, is what John Piper says is the theme of his life and ministry. He imbibed it most potently from Jonathan Edwards, particularly in The End for Which God Created the World. In this book, Piper looks at preaching through this lens, and gives a brief but jam-packed overview of how to magnify the glory of God in preaching.

He defines preaching as “worshiping over the Word of God – the text of Scripture – with explanation and exultation.” (p. 9) As always, his definition is concise and every word loaded with implications. He rephrases it: “There are always two parts to true worship: There is seeing God and there is savoring God… In true worship, there is always understanding with the mind and there is always feeling in the heart… True preaching is the kind of speech that consistently unites these two aspects of worship, both in the way it is done and in the aims that it has.” (10) He then elaborates on this for the rest of the book: the first half being his own explanation of “Why God Should Be Supreme in Preaching,” and the second being “How to Make God Supreme in Preaching: Guidance from the Ministry of Jonathan Edwards.”

If you’ve ever heard John Piper preach and thought, “I wish I could preach like that,” then this book is not for you.

If you have ever listened to John Piper preach and thought, “I wish I could see the glory of God like that and do more justice in attempting to display that worth in how I proclaim it to others,” then this book is emphatically for you. The glory of God is magnified, and it is applied succinctly to dozens of theological and practical aspects of preaching.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who ever is called upon to open up God’s Word to the people of God: fathers in their family devotions, sunday school teachers, bible study or small group leaders, and of course pastors and preachers.


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