How Pathetic

As someone who has taught seminary students for more than fifteen years, I worry about the rising number of seminarians who, when asked where and how they think they might best serve, respond with something like this: “Well, I think I would like to teach somewhere.  Every time I have taught, people have told me I have done a pretty good job.  I get a tremendous sense of fulfillment out of teaching the Bible.  I think I could be satisfied teaching Scripture.”

How Pathetic. I know pagans who find satisfaction and fulfillment by teaching nuclear physics.  In any Christian view of life, self-fulfillment must never be permitted to become the controlling issue.  The issue is service, the service of real people.The question is, How can I be most useful?, not, How can I fell most useful? The goal is, How can I best glorify God by by serving his people?, not, How can I feel most comfortable and appreciated while engaging in some acceptable form of Christian ministry? (p. 82-83)

A Call to Spiritual Reformation: Priorities from Paul and His Prayers


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