Edwards’s Influence on Piper: a new book from DG






Captive to Glory (Free eBook)

Captive to Glory

This book is right up my alley.  Like every single resource from DG, including all of John Piper’s books, it’s free.  Each chapter takes a extended excerpt from one of his other books in which Edwards is extensively and explicitly referenced.  God Is the Gospel gets three chapters, Future Grace gets two, and the rest get one a piece: God’s Passion for His GloryThinkDesiring GodThe Supremacy of God in Preaching, and Let the Nations Be Glad!

At the end are two very good appendices.  Piper Encounters Edwards: A Chronology is a somewhat biographical account of when Piper encountered each of the key Edwards books over the course of his life.  It includes a couple of charts in which Piper lists top ten books in order of their significance and impact on him.  The second appendix, Edwards’s Influence on Piper: a Bibliography, is a bibliography, and how I love bibliographies.

The only thing I  could wish for would be for this book to be in print, maybe later this year… ?


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