tracking down Moo

I’m a footnote hound.  I read them, and I take note of which notes are referenced most frequently and relied on most heavily.  It didn’t take long in wading through reviews of Gospel and Law to discover that Douglas Moo’s review in the Trinity Journal in 1982 would be particularly helpful in trying to process this book.  The problem?  While there are many scholarly articles and publications available as pdf.s online, this wasn’t to be found anywhere.

I checked out the Trinity Journal website and archives.  Nothing.  I found an email address and sent one off: “where can I find a copy?”

ATLAS, or EBSCO was the answer.

I headed to the library which has an EBSCO search of certain databases.  Unfortunately, my public library doesn’t subscribe to any of the “religious” databases.  So I asked a librarian at the reference desk for help.  She searched around and couldn’t find it either.  Then she said, “I’m a recent graduate of UW-Milwaukee.  Maybe they haven’t cancelled my student privileges yet.”  Lo and behold, they hadn’t, she logged in, searched their EBSCO databases, found the article, and printed it out for me.

It was indeed the most helpful review of any that I’ve read so far.

Moral(s) of the story:  love your librarians, and don’t forget EBSCO.


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