White privilege and “theological drift”

World Magazine recently published an article on Moody Bible Institute highlighting concerns about the handling of finances, as well as “theological drift.” Unfortunately, a cluster of issues are lumped together under the label “liberalism” that really shouldn’t be:

  • There are accusations that some faculty deny inerrancy.
  • There are rumors that someone supports Planned Parenthood.
  • One teacher went on record for teaching his class about white privilege.

One of these things is not like the others, and doesn’t belong on this list. Theological drift is real, and inerrancy has become an important marker in America for one’s view of scripture. Planned Parenthood is an appalling organization with a horrific past. So far, so good–a Christian institution should check in on these things.

But white privilege? White privilege is undeniable. To lump this in with other “liberal” issues as a sign of “drift” is inaccurate and perpetuates a longstanding American myth, namely, that concern for the oppressed and marginalized is a drift away from Biblical fidelity when, in fact, precisely the opposite is the case.

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