2020 English and Greek Bible Reading Plans

I found a plan for reading through the Greek New Testament in one year over at Lee Iron’s site several years ago, but it was a pdf and needed to be updated each year. I loved this plan so much, I made my own for reading the English Bible through in one year as well. Two principles are at work: (1) chapters longer than 38 verses are broken into two readings; (2) an extra day(s) are added at the end of each month in order to build in “grace” days in case you fall a day or two behind. Since 2020 is a leap year, I’ve simply added February 29 as another “grace day,” since it’s quite a bit of work to cut/paste 300 readings only to change it back for 2021.

The English plan is arranged in Hebrew canonical order (Law, Prophets, Writings), and not the typical English (following the Septuagint) order. I made this switch several years ago and have loved the effect it has on my reading through the OT.

For the NT, I read the Robinson-Pierpont Byzantine text which (rightly!) places the Catholic Epistles immediately after Acts, rather than the Pauline epistles. Again, I love reading James, Peter, John, and Jude up front, rather than towards the end of the year. I wonder how our theology might shift if we gave slightly more prominence to these books than we typically do.

So, for that tiny group out there who hopes to read through the the Bible following the Hebrew and old Greek canonical order in 2020, here are a couple of plans to print out and check off as you go:

Bible Reading Plan-(2020)

Greek NT Reading Plan-Byzantine (2020)