Top Ten Posts of 2018

Here are the top posts of 2018, and they reflect some of the variety of my interests. What I’m now calling “The Dabney Project” clearly dominated the list with over half of the top posts:

  1. Charles Spurgeon and Textual Criticism (2017)
  2. Doug Wilson on R.L. Dabney (2018)
  3. Karl Barth: Integrating the “Theology of the Cross” and Deus Absconditus (2015)
  4. John MacArthur on R.L. Dabney (2018)
  5. On Censoring Dabney and Denying Sola Fide (2018)
  6. Why I admire Spurgeon’s position on cigars and brandy (2018)
  7. “The crucifixion was clearly a first-century lynching” (2015)
  8. What’s So Bad About R.L. Dabney? (2018)

(Photo by Elijah O’Donnell on Unsplash)

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